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the ones who play with needles [entries|friends|calendar]
needle mania

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[21 Nov 2003|01:23pm]


first i got the naval, then the ears, then the labret, then the ears again, then the lip ring:-)

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hi im new here [10 Nov 2003|06:59pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

hey there i am a 21/f/upstate ny i have my right eye brow, left nostril, tongue, and both nipples pierced. i'm thinking about maybe getting my clitoral hood pierced as well... but yea so umm thats me here i am. bye


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[09 Nov 2003|02:46pm]

something i was just wondering...after you get pierced do you give ur piercer a tip? if so how much?
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in a pain that buckles out your knees... [18 Oct 2003|06:14pm]

[ mood | geeky ]


my name is Steph. i have 5 holes in my left ear, 4 in my right ear and one in my lip.

here are some pictures i suppose!

and my tattoo...

have fun.

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For those who have it or know... [10 Oct 2003|01:31pm]

i want to pierce my nipple. it is very sensitive (i get very turned on easily when its touched). my question is, when/if i pierce it will i lose the feeling/lose some sensitivity/whatever?
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piercedness [06 Oct 2003|04:52pm]

wooo ready?


phil (he did it for me)

is this gonna hurt?



ut oh blood hehe
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[28 Sep 2003|03:27am]

what exactly is good to clean your body jewelry with or to soak it in? what about the hole itself?(dont tell me soap and water).

(I'm talking about for a labret piercing here)
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[25 Sep 2003|06:44pm]
In your opinion, what is the sexiest piercing, male or female?
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GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS [12 Sep 2003|02:41pm]

After joining this community, I couldn't resist going to the GWR site. Here's what I found.

Most Body Piercings with Surgical Needles
Canada's Brent Moffat inserted into his body 700 surgical needles – all 18 gauge (1.2 cm or 0.47 in long) – in 7 hours 19 minutes at Metamorphosis Custom Piercing and Tattoo, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on January 15, 2003. The 34-year-old human pin-cushion described the sensation of 700 needles in his legs like "a million insects crawling all over me." The final piercings were pushed through his nipples. Moffat has endured half a lifetime of pain since accidentally shooting himself in the stomach with a .22 calibre rifle as a teenager. He has since embellished his body with numerous tattoos, and facial and genital piercings.

Most Pierced Woman
By August 9, 2001, Elaine Davidson, of Edinburgh, Scotland, had a record-breaking total of 720 piercings. She first broke the record in May 2000, when a Guinness World Records official examined her and found 462 piercings on various parts of her body, including 192 on her facial area alone. (site includes photo)

NOTE: There was something in a newspaper also, not sure what year, about a woman who died of infection from getting 70+ piercings just to spite her anti-piercings husband. (Had a pic of her daughter, 11 or 12 years old, w/ top lip stud.)
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Hey all! [12 Sep 2003|12:29pm]

Hi! Um.. I'm 26 and not really sure what all to say. LOL. The most I've had is 7 (ears), but currently have 5 (2 in each ear -- no gauges, + tongue). I've had my tongue bar for a little over 2 years now. Not much to tell, except that I'd gotten it done b/c I wanted my bf to break up with me (long story). Well, that Christmas my parents noticed it and every holiday break that I'm home they try and get me to take it out permanently. Pay 70 bucks for it, just to get rid of it again? Heck, no! I do have to take it out for class, but I rarely do actually. Gauging isn't allowed either, but I've seen lots of guys with their ears gauged. (Kind of weird the first few times I'd seen that.) Don't think I will get anything else pierced.

Last year my friend Jason told me about some friends of his that he drove to the hospital. They were at a party. A guy and girl were in a bedroom and yelled for him to help. They'd gotten their piercings stuck (genitals). He wrapped them up in blankets and put them in the back of his truck. 45 miles and 18 orgasms later, they arrived. He brought them in, and the nurse started laughing b/c the hospital had just finished assisting another couple with the same problem. LOL.
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[07 Sep 2003|10:03pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

ive been thinkign about geting my nose peirced....but i think id have to ebe a littel more druk than i an now....maybe ill com out with more tahn taht done.

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Hey Hey Hey [05 Sep 2003|11:14pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I just joined this community like, 2 seconds ago. Whoohoo...lets see. I'm 15, a junior in hs, and live in upstate NY. My friends call me clarence. so whatever.

I currently have 7 piercings (2 in each lobe, right cartillage and left helix) and one in my navel. I want a lip ring but school rules prevent me from having one.

SO! i was wondering if anyone has a horizontal navel piercing or a double navel? If so, can you give me some info about getting it done/care/what things are best to put in it?

Also, i have 14g lobes, but i bought 10g plugs. Whats the easiest way to stretch them? Mind you, i went from regular earring posts to 14g by sticking paperclips in there...


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Hellllooo... [01 Sep 2003|04:15pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Well, I joined this community a while ago..and typed up a nice long introduction, but my power went out..and when it came back, I forgot all about it...so here I go again.

I am Katrina...I am 17 years old and live near Pittsburgh, PA.

Piercings have fascinated me for many years, beginning at the age of 12 when I got the internet and stumbled across bme.

Since then, I had my labret pierced..and the right side of my lip...but my mother hated those..so rather than hear her bitch, I took them out. Currently, my only piercings are transverse lobes, which I've had for about 6mos. but I'm trying to heal out the infections in them. :o( I have plans for an orbital around them...and in January I'll either be getting my labret redone (at a larger gauge) or a vertical labret. Who knows.

PicturesCollapse )
x-posted to punk_piercings

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[30 Aug 2003|11:49am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello! I'm Rachel and I'm new. I'm 18 and I have 13 piercings.
-Ears (9)
-Nipples (2)
-Lip, left side (1)
And my newest...right nostril!

This community seems like fun!

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[29 Aug 2003|10:58pm]

mmhmm... hello i'm 16 (i turn 17 in february) and i have 6 (one is a 4g) earrings in both ears, my cartiledge, lip, labret, and tongue pierced. i used to have my eyebrow and left nipple pierced but alas i let them close up for a various different reasons.

clickaCollapse )
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[26 Aug 2003|03:44pm]

[ mood | good ]

i'm tapering my lobes up to a four guage tonight, so...

if anyone is in the market for six guage plugs, drop me a line. i have a super nice pair of blue niobium plugs i don't need anymore. you'll of course need to have your piercer autoclave them before you use them, but i'm willing to sell cheap to friends.

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[25 Aug 2003|11:03pm]

wow, i've not been taking care of my baby recently!! my community and i've not been giving it any attention, eeh, the shame. *hangs head*

Right, people, i finally got my hosting site all un-wiggly, so photos, photos....

me, haha, be warnedCollapse )
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[23 Aug 2003|11:49am]

I recently got my clit pierced. I highly recommend it to all the ladys because it feels so good. If anyone has questions please ask. I believe it hurt far less then a belly button.
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intro and a question [23 Aug 2003|02:36am]

Hi I'm aHeather er lets see piercings I've had well I had my belly button pierced but it's rejected twice once cause I injured it snowboarding and once it just rejected cause I didn't wait long enough for it ot heal after it closed the first time. So I have to wait a year till I can get that doneagain. I've also had three holes in my ears but I only have one in each now. My tongue is still pierced got that done at the beginningof the summer has a pretty purple sparkly bead right now cause I swallowed the blue one by accident.
Now for the question. I want to get something er more naughty. So I was thinking I'd go below the belt this time. any experiences from other girls who've had this done woudl be greatly appreciated, and how logn did you have to wait before you could have sex again?
thanks for any info.

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[23 Aug 2003|01:40am]

[ mood | blank ]

Hello, I somehow joined this group just now. I have had my septum pierced for 3 years. I wear an 8g 1/2" circular barbell. Big fun. Just thought I'd say hi.

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